You can use all your gadgets with the Microsoft HoloLens

The HoloLens is no secret as Microsoft has been quite happy till now to showcase the device and its prowess. Nonetheless, certain questions remained unanswered as Microsoft wasn’t too keen on answering them. Some of those questions were answered recently at Tel Aviv, Israel in a presentation by Bruce Harris.

The technical evangelist event informed us that the HoloLens can not only run any app designed for Windows 10, but can also communicate with any device with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi support. As it turns out, the HoloLens headsets can themselves be interlinked via Bluetooth, WI-Fi and even the internet in order to share what one is experiencing, with another.

The bad news is that the battery life will probably not be that great. The HoloLens will last for anything between two and a half hours to five and a half hours, depending on the usage. While this isn’t really impressive, augmented reality headsets are not exactly made for daylong use anyway. At this point, a 15-inch screen two feet away does not really sound that impressive either to be honest, but Microsoft will be trying to make the virtual screen wider and more immersive before the final product comes out sometime this year.

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