Wearable tech sales are going to reach an all time high of 275 million in 2016

According to the research and analytics firm Gartner, 2016 will see a hike of 18.4 percent compared to last year in terms of international wearable tech sales. The total number is going to go as high as 275 million sold units in 2016 and as per the reports so far, Apple Watch is going to lead that sales spike. In fact, much of the business and financial predictions are based on the Apple Watch’s continuing popularity.

Another genre that’s going to play a major part behind fulfilling those sales numbers are the upcoming virtual reality headsets, such as Facebook’s Oculus Rift and Microsoft’s HoloLens. The analysis by Gartner suggests that the revenues from smartwatches alone will amount to about $8 billion while the total revenue may almost touch $20 billion in 2016. As if these numbers were not impressive enough, Gartner further stated that the entire sales figure for wearable technology would reach 322 million in 2017!

As the market stands now, smartwatches that are geared towards being sports watches and fitness companions are in demand. This demand will increase and sales will continue to rise as more and more companies get into the game. Gartner agrees that in the future, VR/AR headsets will probably be the next big thing. This will push the sales up higher for wearable electronic devices on the whole and may even surpass all other wearables in popularity and sales.

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