We get first footage of Young Conker being played on the Microsoft HoloLens

As March 30 draws near and Microsoft prepares to ship the HoloLens development kits to its beta testers who will pre-order it for $3,000, a new video has been released about the game Young Conker. This is one of the three games that are already available on the HoloLens; the other two being RoboRaid and Fragments.

Conker’s Bad Fur Day, which was released back in 2001, made Conker the squirrel quite famous because of the associated adult humor. While we are not sure whether or not that “adult” part will make it to this new holographic iteration of the franchise, what we do know is that it is supposed to be a game that will adjust itself and redesign its levels according to the real life environment of the user. This means that the characters will run around on your desk, but once they reach near the edge of the desk, they will show awareness of their chances of falling of its surface. Remove that desk from your room and next time around, the game will adjust accordingly. Even sitting somewhere else other than where the user was sitting previously while playing the game in the same room will result in the game re-adjusting its levels accordingly.

Fragments on the other hand, is a crime drama where characters enter, occupy a space in your room and interact with you. If what Kudo Tsunoda from Microsoft officially posted is true, then Fragments will create memories by associating your real room, you, the virtual characters and virtual objects in such a way that distinguishing in between the real and the virtual may become hard at times. This may create actual memories.

RoboRaid is the last one on this list, but it is actually the first game that was created for the HoloLens. In fact, it’s the same game that was shown at E3 2015 and was termed Project X-Ray. Quite simply put, RoboRaid is a first person shooter where the user must shoot alien robots that will come right out of the walls of the room and also shoot back at you!

While all of this sounds interesting, we are hopeful that once the dev kits reach some talented developers, we will see even more impressive and awe-inspiring content for the HoloLens soon enough.

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