We get a look at the very first apps and games designed for the HoloLens

After the Microsoft HoloLens officially went on pre-order yesterday, more have been revealed by the software giant about their futuristic augmented reality headset. Although these are developer editions and will be shipped on March 30 to only a few of the selected developers, Microsoft is not going to send the HoloLens “empty handed.” A collection of seven games and applications will be available for the device. According to Microsoft, they are there to guide and encourage the developers in creating new content for the HoloLens.

HoloStudio – This is the same one we saw at the demo in 2015 and its main function is to help developers in creating new content for the HoloLens. It utilizes a mixture of inputs via gestures, voice commands and the HoloLens Gaze to create 3D holographic content.

Skype – Imagine talking to a holographic version of the person that you have called on Skype and that is exactly what will happen in this HoloLens version of Skype calls. Also imagine the person on the other side interacting with the virtual rendition of your living room and you will get an idea about the potential this holds.


HoloTour – This one is more of a closed off immersive application instead of an augmented reality app. It allows “virtual travelling” to different locations across the globe. The 360-degree view of Rome along with 3D sound can be quite enticing.

Fragments – The interactive game will put the player in the role of a character in a crime drama. To see characters sitting just beside you or in front of you in your own couch and talking to you is something that we are awaiting eagerly to experience.

Young ConkerConker is famous for its adult humor but this time around, the furry little squirrel is rising to fame as the first video game character on the HoloLens. Expect platform gaming with your own room transforming into levels for Conker to play and jump around in.

RoboRaid – First shown at E3 last year, RoboRaid is basically a first person shooter with alien robots in it. As you can probably guess, the environment around you will serve as the game’s level and you must utilize the same to your advantage as well.

Actiongram – This is the video maker/editor for the HoloLens that was primarily used by Microsoft to create tutorial videos for the developers. Hailed as the next –gen storytelling application, it is indeed capable of taking videos to the next level of evolution.


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