We are treated to a new video leak that shows an augmented reality video app, the Bluetooth clicker and the Start menu on the HoloLens

The $3,000 developer units of the HoloLens have not even reached users yet and we already have a leaked video on our hands which confirms the rumor that some of these units were actually being used by beta testers since early this year. Add the facts that were leaked by WalkingCat on Twitter and we have quite a good deal of info on the HoloLens for you today.


Actiongram or Project Burbank as it is called by many is an augmented reality application that will come preloaded onto the HoloLens. It is supposed to enable the developers to create content for the HoloLens by providing them with video recordings and animations which will manifest themselves into the real world via the HoloLens. As we have seen in the video itself, there are astronauts, football players, tigers, trees, planets and many more. Actiongram is a closed beta program for now and will be so in two stages. The first of the two will end by March, while the second one will finish off by May.

The video is basically one of the multiple tutorial videos that are being recorded to help the developers learn how to operate and utilize the HoloLens. We get a look at the floating Windows 10 Start menu for the first time as the instructor navigates through it to find Actiongram. Things get more interesting as we are also treated to a screenshot of the Photos app on the HoloLens and a document that showcases a “Bluetooth Clicker,” which is equivalent of the mouse for the holographic Windows 10 interface.

According to the same document, Microsoft will take the veil off Actiongram on February 29 as well as declare when the developer versions will begin shipping. Stay tuned for news on the HoloLens, as it happens.

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