Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality: Getting Things Straight

Augmented reality and virtual reality may sound the same to someone who has no idea what they are, but they are significantly different from each other and hold different potentials in varying fields. If you are not yet clearly aware of the differences, read on to find out more.

What is VR?

Virtual reality or VR is a simulated experience that incorporates the user through the mdoes of visual and auditory perception as a part of the computer-generated environment. It is the base technology on which gaming headsets like the Oculus Rift, the PlayStation VR and the HTC Vive are built. Gaming and multimedia is the main field for VR at the moment and all major players in the industry are looking to take it even further.

What is AR?

Augmented reality or mixed reality basically augments the user and his/her surroundings with holograms and 3D models that interact with the real objects around them and the user to transform the entire scene into a new semi-reality. The ability of the user and the holographic models in the computer program to interact with each other, as well as the real objects around the user is the focus of augmented reality. While gaming is definitely going to be a huge industry for AR tech, just like VR, the potentials of mixed reality are far greater in other fields such as military, medical science, communication and so much more. AR still has a long way to go, but we have already seen significant steps in the right direction in the form of the Google Glass and the Microsoft HoloLens.

Now that you know what the difference between the two is, which one would you be opting for?

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