Virtual Reality is Getting Ready to Challenge Reality

Varjo Technologies from Finland is working hard to mix VR and AR in creating something that literally blows the competition out of the window and the playing field altogether. Dubbed as the “20/20,” the “human eye resolution” VR headset will be 70 times sharper than the likes of say the Facebook Oculus Rift!

The 70-megapixel 20/20 VR headset will likely be ready for professionals and developers by the end of 2017 and the billion dollar startup hopes to get its consumer grade products released by 2018. CEO Urho Konttori has worked at Nokia and Microsoft previously, before founding Varjo Technologies and he is highly optimistic about the 20/20’s scope in terms of professional use for medicine, aviation and real estate. He enthusiastically adds that “For the first time, you actually see things as they will be or are.”

What Varjo is claiming almost seems impossible in the astonishingly small timeframe, especially, given that the biggest players in the field currently believe that such tech can take up to two decades to develop. Nevertheless, the company seems to be pretty confident in its abilities and have already patented their technology for replication of the human eye’s focusing patterns inside a virtual reality headset.


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