Virtual Reality Continues To Improve With New Advances

Just like with other advances in technology and media, the amount of hours of consumption is being tracked with virtual reality. It’s now 1m hours consumed, and growing…

The Samsung Gear VR, with Oculus under the hood, is already in stores. So far, this is the best that virtual reality can offer consumers. Facebook have its own Oculus team and are putting considerably resources behind the VR technology. Even though Gear VR was only launched back in November 2015, there are already more than 200 apps and games available in the Oculus store with one million hours consumed.

360 degree video is the next step. This has already been implemented within Facebook media content. Over 20,000 have already been added and more get uploaded each day.

Another innovation is a dynamic streaming technology that reduces the number of pixels used to only display what the user looks at, rather than the whole 360-degree vision at any given time. This helps reduce the bandwidth requirement by up to 75%. It adds both clarity and speed which helps to make the VR experience, particularly with sharing impressive vistas or gaming, much more immersive.

Social interaction is another developing area within VR. Use different chat apps to keep in touch with friends while living in the virtual world. Sounds like the best of both worlds to us.


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