Turn into a 3D Artist with Google’s Tilt Brush on the HTC Vive VR Headset

There is an app by Google – the Tilt Brush available in the HTC Vive Pre Virtual Reality head gear. This 3D painting app basically lets you paint the whole virtual reality world.

As per technology advisor Digi-Capital this kind of app can become very popular in virtual reality, a market supposed to reach $30 billion mark by 2020. This is a nascent stage for both virtual reality and virtual reality apps. There is more than enough space for many more apps to innovate and take the users into a completely different world.

Overview of the Vive

The games available on HTC Vive Pre headset have not been completely finalized, although they can be accessed via Valve’s SteamVR demos on the Steam digital-distribution store. This headgear will be available in the market in the first week of April for $799, excluding the cost of a PC.

In order to set up the device, users need to log into their Steam account and connect the HTC Vive Pre with the computer via USB or HDMI port. Body sensor setup is also one of the pre-requisite which needs to be at the top of room and pointed at the play area.

Tilt Brush

Google has managed to take Tilt Brush to a new height if we compare with its state a year back. This virtual painting experience gives you an impression of being present inside the 3D painting while creating it. It’d be worthwhile to note that Tilt Brush was acquired by Google from prototyping firm Skillman & Hackett based out of San Francisco.


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