The Promises of Augmented Reality in Medical Science

The Digital Media Technology (DMT) Lab in Birmingham City University is in the process of developing an AR system which will let their researchers interact with 3D virtual models and virtual representations of patient data. The 3D virtual models will replicate human organs, bones and various other structures of the anatomy. The system when ready, will be used to display various effects of treatment, surgery, medical procedures and lifestyle choices on various organs and parts of the human body. All this interaction will be possible by simple hand gestures and movements, thanks to the motion detection technology and freehand interaction which is being developed by the DMT Lab at the Birmingham University.

This particular AR system is being developed to increase patient involvement in the medical procedures and treatments. As the professionals will be able to explain different procedures, effects and theories to patients in real time and with pinpoint accuracy, the patient-doctor understanding and the general medical knowledge will most definitely improve. However, this isn’t the only augmented reality project that the DMT is working on. The details regarding the other mixed reality projects are not clear at this time, but they too will be showcased soon enough.

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