The HoloLens may not be as impressive as we think!

According to reports, the Microsoft HoloLens may not be as impressive as we previously were led to believe. Microsoft have been inviting tech-journalists to try out their latest demo of the HoloLens, and if what we are reading in their reports are any indication of what is to come, then the HoloLens might actually be more hype than fact.

The first disappointment that was expressed is that the HoloLens isn’t really immersive due to the small 15-inch display, which resembles a letterboxed monitor more than a futuristic holographic display. The holographic images laid on top of the real world themselves look out of place and hardly like they are part of the environment around the user. Apparently, the gesture inputs are also not very well developed at this point and whatever little is there, is prone to failing often.

The low frame rates also did not help the case as users found the holograms to be of very poor quality. It was during gaming that the things became a bit more enjoyable but even then, the quality of the rendering and graphics was decades behind what we see in video games today. In fact, the journalists were not even allowed to record or photograph anything once inside the facility, which speaks volumes about how confident Microsoft is about the HoloLens right now!

The Meta2 glasses are not nearly as popular as the HoloLens when it comes to augmented reality, but things seem to indicate that it may actually hold more potential than the Microsoft headset.


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