The field of view in HoloLens is equivalent to looking at a 15-inch monitor from two feet away

There was a rumor that was circling around the internet for a while about the HoloLens. It stated that the AR headset may not provide a field of view that can be considered immersive in its true sense. As it turns out, the rumors were true to an extent.

Bruce Harris, a technical evangelist for Microsoft has confirmed that the field of view or virtual screen-size is limited to only 15” from two feet away at the moment. Apparently, this decision was taken to provide a better battery life for the wireless headset which can survive up to 2.5 hours of intense gaming and 5.5 hours of normal usage.

After this fact was made official, many enthusiasts have questioned the quality of the FOV as it might just be a bit too narrow for most. In addition to this, when you consider the fact that the developer’s versions will be shipped at $3000 a piece, doubts may begin to surface.

If you are not familiar with what it means by “field of view” in respect to the HoloLens, here’s how it works. Field of view or FOV is the area within the virtual world that the HoloLens will allow you to see at any one time. In case of a VR or AR headset, the FOV actually follows the user’s various movements and moves along with them. A term most commonly used in gaming, it applies to even traditional gaming, with the FOV being related to the size of the display as well as the distance between the player and the display.

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