Study says that Microsoft HoloLens will be more popular than Google Glass

British market research and analytics firm Juniper Research has recently published a study that puts the HoloLens ahead of the Google Glass in the future. According to reports, the total number of “smart glasses” owned by consumers around the world will surpass 12 million by 2020, but the HoloLens will share a larger portion of that pie than Google Glass. It is to be noted that virtual reality devices like Facebook’s Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR were excluded as they close off the real world from the user rather than augmenting the real world with the virtual world.

James Moar from Juniper Research went on further to explain their findings by stating that the Google Glass feels more like a next generation smartphone as its functions are similar. It includes camera sensors, text messaging, and GPS guidance. Although the experience would be something totally new on the Glass, these functions are also available in most smartphones and at a much cheaper price.

The HoloLens on the other hand, seems like a completely new product with problem solving and real 3D interaction capabilities. Moar also said that the Google Glass will have a much bigger challenge to face because the HoloLens is meant for indoor use only (at the moment) while the Google Glass is supposed to be usable both indoors and outdoors. The controversial privacy and security issues associated with the Glass are also not shared by the HoloLens. One more point that favors the HoloLens is the fact that Microsoft will be the first to tap the market with its one of a kind augmented reality “smart glass.”


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