Social Media Ventures into Augmented Reality

Some of the largest names in the social media business are now venturing into augmented reality as they realize and accept the kind of potential AR technology holds for the social media platform. Let’s take a look at what they are planning for their users in the future.


The Oculus Rift is already the most powerful VR gaming platform out there but Facebook is now looking to shift its focus onto a business model targeted at businesses that use Facebook for advertising. Although no specific details are yet available, when implemented, the AR apps will allegedly allow users to see more info on a product by simply aiming a smartphone at the product.


Snapchat Lenses now allows users to add real time digital effects on to any object that the user points his/her camera at. Previously only limited to the selfie cam, the Lenses has now made their way onto the rear camera as well.


The Google Glass may not have taken off in the direction that the company had hoped but their new secret venture with Magic Leap is rumored to be something revolutionary. It will still be a glass of some sort, if reports are to be believed.


Apple is apparently working on a pair of super secret augmented reality glasses with people who had previously helped Facebook and Microsoft develop the Oculus Rift and the HoloLens respectively.

While these are all interesting tit bits, we will have to wait a while longer before more info on these AR projects become available.

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