Secret HoloLens HoloStudio app discovered along with two games that are yet to be announced

NeoGAF users have stumbled upon certain things that were supposed to be secrets and they sound good! After the recent presentations and confirmation of a few facts at Tel Aviv, this is the next big news concerning the Microsoft HoloLens. The findings indicate that Microsoft is on the verge of announcing new things sooner than it was presumed earlier. After almost a year’s silence since E3 2015, it looks like the HoloLens is getting ready to stir up the tech world once again.

The HoloStudio app was discovered hiding in the Windows Store itself and the only bit of info available on it is the fact that it has an Everyone rating. In spite of the mystery, the name itself clears any doubt regarding the general purpose of the application.

“Fragments” is the next name on this list and it has been rated M. Apart from its rating, we also know that this is going to be a game as Microsoft applied for rights to the game back in December. A screenshot from the HoloLens presentation shows a user wearing the HoloLens and navigating through the Windows 10 menus. the image clears any further doubt regarding the game’s existence as the name “Fragments” can clearly be read on one of the Windows Tiles.

The final name on our list isn’t as enigmatic as the other two. Young Conker is probably going to be a follow up to Conker’s Bad Fur Day and in case you don’t know it, be informed that the first game was quite a hit on the Nintendo 64. However, there is no evidence to suggest that this game has anything to do with the HoloLens directly. The Teen rating may discourage a few fans from being too excited because the original’s adult and explicit sense of humor might be missing here. The news seems authentic enough, but we suggest that you hold on to your presumptions till the reports are made official by Microsoft.

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