PlayStation VR release date in UK, cost and specifications rumours: at 120Hz refresh rate, superior than Oculus and HTC’s offering

PlayStation VR is a product developed by Sony, that caters to Virtual Reality market. Earlier it was known as Project Morpheus. This device is compatible with both the Sony PS4 and the PlayStation Vita, and makes use of the PlayStation Camera to gauge user’s activity and provide the users a Virtual Reality experience in PlayStation games. Sony unveiled the official name of this device as PlayStation VR on 15th September at the SCEJA event held in Tokyo. Although the exact dates are not yet out, it is speculated that the device would be undergoing improvements and finally it will be ready of market in early 2016.

Also there is scarcity of information when it comes to pricing of the device. But rumours tell that it might be cheaper than the existing players like the Oculus Rift, whose pre-order cost reached £499.

The PlayStation VR features a 5.7in 1920×1080 full-HD OLED display, which is expected to expand viewing field and activate low persistence, getting rid motion blur (and the sickness, too). The headset has a 120Hz refresh rate and capable of rendering games at 120fps, which is substantially more than Oculus’ and HTC’s 90Hz refresh rate. By coupling it with a mighty PS4 console and the OLED screen’s high refresh rate, Sony tells that PlayStation VR will display “amazingly smooth visuals”. PSVR users will need to use an additional box that’ll connect to the PS4 and power the processing of this virtual reality headset. It will also have option for a ‘standard’ output for the TV, showing your friends a nice picture of activity going on inside the headset, just like playing a normal PS4 game.

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