Nintendo’s come back to virtual reality could revive the industry

A quarter-century ago, Nintendo Co. faced a disastrous foray into virtual reality and now the company has returned to the technology with an affordable headset. This may seem like another opportunity for the VR industry for bigger things. The Labo VR Kit, went on sale on April 12 and starts at $40, is a DIY kit of cardboard goggles and controllers for Nintendo’s switch console. The VR system has been re-designed to work within the limits of the Switch’s processing power. It offers mini-games for casual gamers, especially for parents who might want to try VR without spending too much out of curiosity.

If the VR kits sells well, it will help improve Nintendo games’ future without the company having to produce new hits. Last week’s popular games were super Mario odyssey and the legend of Zelda. If these games got reputation, Nintendo is planning for more games. The kit comes with basic goggles and a controller similar to a gun to blast aliens. The full $80 version has more controllers. So far, the software lacks the depth and feels similar to the quirky mini-games released for other labo products. These were a failure earlier but that’s past and we can all hope for a better future for VR headset.

Nintendo admits that switch isn’t the idea VR hardware that’s why each mini-game is designed to play at the most for ten minutes. The company also skipped the headset strap which means, players have to hold the goggles up to their eyes. This would also make sure that users would use the system in short bursts, and encourage friends to pass it around. The VR set comes as a surprise after years of silence. The failure of virtual boy in the past is one reason why Nintendo opted for a low-key approach with its new VR kit. A few retailers contacted in Tokyo said sales are growing slowly. Reviews of the product are mostly positive so far.

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