New HoloLens Prototypes from Microsoft Studios

Developers at Microsoft Studios are playing around with new prototypes for HoloLens that extend the ways that it can be functional or helpful in variety of interesting ways.

Celestial bodies was the focus with the first prototype that used Voice, Gaze and Gesture. Gaze was used to pick objects to interact with. A hand could also be used to remove the core from a virtual planet.

The relative size of the Earth and Jupiter were put to the test with a fun planetary bodies prototype. This one opened up segments from Jupiter and moved them around and then returned them inside Jupiter. The idea behind this one was to demonstrate how enormous Jupiter actually is compared to the Earth (the planet is 1,000 times the size of the Earth).

The Rendering team created a volumetric cloud with a light field which incorporated some proper mathematics into it for the math and science geeks out there.

Another mini team looked at how to play with distance and changes in state without using any specialized coding to do it. This led to an interesting result using transitions to create visual depth.

Artwork was also a prototype experiment that they played with in the past week in the HoloLens team. This one was a thing of virtual beauty.

Clearly the team are expanding their horizons for what HoloLens can do and what it will become.


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