New HoloLens details leaked by Microsoft

HoloLens, the augmented reality headset developed by Microsoft has already got significant fans to try the device, but the exact modus operandi is still not known to many.

But, a few more nuggets of information about the HoloLens got out during a recent event in Tel Aviv, Israel, thanks to of Bruce Harris, a technical evangelist at Microsoft.

This device will provide roughly five to five and a half hours of battery life when the users will work on only Word documents or email, and close to two and a half hours if the users will do full scale rendering (i.e. gaming). These details were revealed by Harris in a YouTube video uploaded by Israel-based wearables entrepreneur Niv Calederon which was again promoted by Petri IT Knowledgebase on Friday. Well that video has been removed, but in that video Harris also said that the HoloLens won’t get warm as it was “built to dissipate heat,” and the device won’t have any option to connect via wire.

He also confirmed that the HoloLens can be linked to anything with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, that includes 3D audio and it will have support for English in the first version. He also answered questions regarding the HoloLens’ field of view (FOV), saying that the experience will be of a 15-inch monitor about a foot from the user’s face. In December 2015, HoloLens was released to the public to test at the Fifth Avenue flagship store in Manhattan. But at $3,000, the device actually caters to developers rather than the general consumers.

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