Microsoft’s HoloLens is probably going to change computers as we know it today

Anyone who paid a visit to the CES 2016, knows that it was dominated by VR devices like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive Pre, Playstation VR and of course, the mighty HoloLens. It would however be wrong to call the HoloLens a “VR” device in the traditional sense of it as it does not close the user off from the real world, but creates a surreal environment that overlays the virtual world on top of the real life environment around the user; thus it is known as an augmented reality headset. This is what makes the HoloLens unique and probably more potent in the long run than anything else in this field.

It is true that smartphones have changed a lot of things and are definitely responsible for the decline of PC sales. Although we urge you not to join in the “PC is dead” agenda, it is possible to replace it in time with something better. If the words of Satya Nadela (CEO at Microsoft) hints at anything, then some may presume that the HoloLens might even replace the smartphone!

After considering the facts that we have at hand about the HoloLens, the AR headset does seem to have the potential to be the future of how we use technology. As advertised, it will be capable of operating all Windows 10 applications and will connect to external peripherals via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, making wires obsolete. The in-built battery will power the device for roughly 5.5 hours max while using office applications and doing minor tasks, but may drain much quicker (2.5 hours ) if the user is running intensive tasks like 3D games on it. The field of view will resemble a 15-inch display two feet away from the user’s eyes.

Things can only improve and they will, as Microsoft continues to work on the HoloLens. If we go beyond brand names, and indulge ourselves, the technology itself holds promises that were limited to sci-fi fiction so far. The developer’s edition is available for $3000 if you want it (not to mention  afford it!), while the consumer editions seem to still be a thing of the future.

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