Microsoft’s HoloLens is officially the number one most searched VR/AR headset in 2015

HoloLens from Microsoft has been a popular subject in tech news for a while now and it seems to be only getting more popular. The fact that it is being experimented on by actual astronauts in the International Space Station does help in bringing in the popularity though. In spite of the fact that we do not exactly have a date as to when it will be ready for mass production, Microsoft’s own website has received more than 50 million visits in the last year alone. Needless to say, this accounts for only the visits that were made specifically to the website’s HoloLens section.

According to the reports presented by SimilarWeb, this puts the Microsoft AR headset on top of the list of all AR or VR headsets in the market at the moment. The global market intelligence concern also reports that its popularity skyrocketed with 16 million visits within a very short time when it was introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2015.

Right now, the only real opposition to the HoloLens is the Oculus Rift from Facebook, even though it differs from the HoloLens in how it functions. The one advantage that Oculus Rift will enjoy is the advantage of being the first in market among the really big players as it’s already up for pre-orders.

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