Microsoft Research is working on RoomAlive for AR Entertainment and holographic video calls

Virtual Reality is on the cusp of entering into the consumer technology domain and for that matter, Augmented Reality is also catching up fast. There is already a developer edition of Microsoft HoloLens AR headset available in the market, and a consumer version of the device should be available sometime in the next year or so. The graphics rendered by HoloLens are called “holograms” and this visual overlay is only visible only to those who wear the headset.


The innocently named Microsoft Research, has got some badass plans for Augmented Reality, especially for something known as the RoomAlive Project. It makes use of the already existing depth cameras of Kinect and digital projectors to render an augmented reality “area”. For example, by using RoomAlive you can get a character from Game of Thrones in your living room. Although the the development so far has not yet given polished output to make the visuals realistic, we must understand that this is beginning of a step towards headset-free AR. But the major news is that Microsoft is using this technology to apply the same in video calls.

To put it simple terms, it’s almost like a Skype video call with the exception of looking at the ┬áhologram of the person to whom the call is made. This requires a multi camera setup with a projector, but may be some way can be found out to reduce the technology to make it semi-portable.

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