Microsoft pushes ahead on consumer interest with the HoloLens

In 2015, Microsoft introduced the HoloLens for the first time to the world and ever since then; interest has peaked sky-high regarding the futuristic augmented reality headset. It had already been predicted as the “next PC” by many experts and after what we heard from Bruce Harris in a recent Microsoft event, we think that it could actually be the next PC! In fact, it’s much more than a PC and as the technology improves and builds upon itself over the years, it might just be the next big revolution in technology.

Data revealed by analysts at SimilarWeb show that the HoloLens is right now the most searched piece of technology on the internet, with its section on Microsoft’s own website being among the most visited places online (50 million visits in 2015). What makes this device unique compared to other apparently similar headsets in the market is the fact that instead of providing a fully immersive virtual world, as is done by most, it actually overlays a virtual world on top of the real world.

What we know so far about the HoloLens is that it will be a standalone, wireless headset, which will allow for a 15-inch field of view 12 inches away from the face. The holographs produced by the device will be visible, audible and interactive. The HoloLens will be as capable as a Windows 10 laptop and will support all apps designed for the OS. Multiple users across the globe would be able to interact with each other via the internet and the device itself is compatible with most other devices that support Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. An impressive 5.5 hour maximum battery life under normal usage may however, last only 2.5 hours if it is stressed with games and other heavy tasks.

While developers will get their hands on the device by this year at a premium price of $3000 per piece, consumers may have to wait till 2020 to experience it first hand, according to the latest rumors.

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