Microsoft keen to see developers create new HoloLens experiences

Whilst Microsoft has temped us all with its HoloLens creation which provides a new kind of virtual reality via their headset, it is still several years before consumers are ever likely to see the product become available commercially. This reality hasn’t stopped the software giant suggesting that deep pocketed developers should start making apps for HoloLens right away.

Microsoft has released a video explaining HoloLens from a developer point of view. The idea is to show software engineers and app designers how the headset can be used via their apps to create what Microsoft termed “mixed reality.”

The software gets into some specifics in the video, talking about the connection between apps, software and other tools that can be used when walking around in the real world and talking directly with people.

What may help Microsoft in encouraging enterprising developers to play around with HoloLens is that it supports C#, Microsoft Visual Studio, and Unity development platforms. This makes it far more accessible than if Microsoft had used a proprietary language with their augmented reality product.

The technology is still under development, with issues like a center-only display of the reality screen which cannot be seen along the sides, likely to get fixed in the final build.

HoloLens isn’t unlike where Oculus was three years ago after its Kickstarter campaign. Full of promise and possibility, but lacking in a clear vision of where it might be when it has been fully developed. We shall just have to wait and see.

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