Microsoft HoloLens Development Kit Available For Pre-Order

Whilst gaming opportunities remains the main focus of the many entrants into the virtual reality space, Microsoft is going down a different road with their HoloLens product.

For developers interested in creating a headset and their own platform, the HoloLens development kit which is now available for pre-order, will certainly help to make that happen.

An official announcement came out on Reddit first – since pulled from the site – which stated that pre-orders would now be made available. The price of the development kit is certainly one that will raise eyebrows even in the high-priced end of the market that early adopters and software developers occupy.

The HoloLens dev kit is priced at $3,000 per time. It does come with three games which will help to showcase the capabilities of the headset.. The games that come bundled with the dev kit are RoboRoad, Young Conker, and Fragments. It is not the first time that these gaming titles have been seen in public, but it is the first time that developers will be able to play them extensively using the headset.

Microsoft have not been specific about the release date for the HoloLens device itself. They’re said to be “taking their time” which makes it difficult for companies to invest capital resources into HoloLens development with such a vague release date indication. Perhaps Microsoft has learnt from releasing Kinect sensor too quickly previously and is in no rush this time around.


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