Microsoft HoloLens: A Hyper-realistic audio-visual experience in the making

The only thing that is more impressive than an interactive 3D hologram is an interactive 3D hologram which one can hear. What it means is that the holographic images produced by the HoloLens can not only be seen, but can be heard as well. Imagine playing a game on the HoloLens where you can not only see the three dimensional characters around you, but also hear them as if they are actually there. This blurs the line in between what we see in sci-fi movies and what is actually possible in the real world.

Microsoft’s own Project X-Ray was used as a demo to exhibit how important and well integrated audio is for the HoloLens. The user must battle aliens and shoot them before they shoot him in this demo, and let us tell you, one has to experience it to know exactly how it feels.

Spatial audio is also found in most major VR headsets like the Oculus Rift now, but how Microsoft integrates it with its augmented reality headset is fascinating. You will hear sounds from the approaching aliens and that is supposed to help you in detecting them. The combined audio-visual effect, projected within a real room feels hyper-realistic at times. As the product is not yet ready for consumers, we can only imagine the potential it holds for games and other applications in the future.

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