League Of Legends Fans Will Have to Wait to Watch in Microsoft HoloLens

Kudos to the huge social reach of League of Legends, the most popular community idea for Microsoft’s HoloLens was a client to watch Riot’s well known MOBA. But sadly as per a response from Microsoft this idea seems far fetched.

“We love this idea, the creativity, and the level of support it has received from the League of Legends community,” the team that runs Microsoft’s augmented reality technology posted on the “Share Your Idea” listing for the LoL match viewer.

There is a bleak chance converting this idea into reality. As stated by the HoloLens team, they’re unable to develop anything that is based on “existing intellectual property”. And some part of it owes to the fourth criteria on how the finalist ideas are selected, which is viability of converting into an open-source project.

Update (5:31 PM): As posted by Morgan Jaffit on Twitter, Riot and Microsoft can probably develop their own HoloLens for League of Legends independently as project that won’t be a part of the competition. Although the rules state that the ideas which will won, will be developed and released as open source products to fellow developers around the world, that can’t stop Riot from building a first-party solution with their own flavor sometime in the future.

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