Is the VR Gaming Industry Failing to Capitalize?

VR or virtual reality is meant to be the next step in gaming evolution, but that was 2 years ago. While VR is still the obvious next step for gamers, it didn’t take off as well or as fast as everyone thought it would. It’s 2017 and yet the technology has not progressed much, especially in the last one year. The worst part is that there has not been enough efforts from the industry leaders to make VR more mainstream either. Unfortunately, the E3 2017 did nothing to help the cause at all.

While E3 2016 was buzzing with the possibilities of VR in the near future and the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR were the stars of that buzz, E3 2017 was a testament to the fact that VR might be losing popularity everywhere. The HTC Vive and the Facebook Oculus Rift didn’t even put in an experience booth at the show and PlayStation’s VR booth was a shadow of what it was a year ago. Lack of quality content and high entry prices are keeping the virtual reality gaming market down and if the attitude of the biggest players in the business are anything to go by, the future of VR gaming is looking dismal at the moment.

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