Is Augmented Reality Better than Virtual Reality?

Before we even get into the debate between which is better, it’s important to understand that AR and VR are two different pieces of technology and although they sound similar, their applications are completely different from each other.

So What’s the Difference Anyway?


Virtual reality immerses the user into a different world altogether and shuts down the real world completely during the experience. Augmented reality on the contrary, augments and interacts with the reality around the user with holographic objects to create a semi-real environment. This is the main difference between the two technologies and that’s exactly why they are applicable in completely different scenarios.

Is One Better than the Other?


Comparing the two is a very difficult and unfair thing to do as both of them have different set of advantages and they are not directly competing technology. Nevertheless, AR definitely is more practical than VR. What this means is that augmented reality cannot really match virtual reality in terms of immersion, but in terms of real world applications, it does indeed hold far more potential in the fields of medical science, military training, industrial training, enterprise applications and much more. On the other hand, when it comes to gaming, which is currently the biggest industry for both VR and AR, they need a lot of improvement. Even then, what VR has to offer does seem a lot more interesting at the moment.

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