HoloLens video answers the question – “What developers need to learn for HoloLens Project?”

Right now Hardware is on the cusp of the initial shift from desktops and smartphones to, probably, virtual and augmented reality. At this time, Microsoft is quite eager to draw the attention of developers and get them involved as early as possible.

With the primary objective of inviting more developers to work on its augmented reality HoloLens headset, Microsoft has released a new video that explains the designers and engineers about the required skill-set before beginning a project with the futuristic device. Augmented reality — often known as “mixed reality” — is a process that intertwines visual depiction in digital world with the real world. This lets HoloLens wearers to engage and interact with important applications, software, and tools. At the same time it also gives the flexibility to walk around freely and work with others.

A  change in technology will mean that of the old technology will become obsolete. That might have some developers pondering about what skills they should master in order to build a project for HoloLens. Well, Microsoft already has the answer:

Given below is a list of programming languages and other tools that are regarded as most useful by the developers for HoloLens software development:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • C#
  • Unity

If someone has “a little bit of experience” with the above, it is indeed significant start, as per one of the app developers featured in the video. And who knows, you might end up creating something like the following:

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