HoloLens Share You Idea finalists are here and it’s time to choose a winner

Last month, Microsoft accepted entries for its “Share Your Idea” contest and the three finalists that made it through the process are here. The whole idea was to find inspiration in creating applications for the company’s augmented reality headset, the HoloLens. After being selected from the 5000+ ideas that were sent to the company, the three finalists will be open to votes from January 21.


Idea 1: Airquarium

An underwater experience deep below the ocean, this one will let the user interact with various creatures within the AR environment. The aquatic animals that the user will interact with will depend on the particular depth of the virtual sea. The parameters will be controlled by the user and all that he/she will experience would be based on actual real life scenarios.

Empowered by the HoloLens’ three-axis mapping, one of the coral covered walls in the room will display the virtual depth at which the user is at the current moment, along with all the animals that the user is interacting with. The idea of being able to scuba dive from the comfort of your home sounds titillating to say the least!


Idea 2: Galaxy Explorer

This next one will send you out into the space and onto the Milky Way. As the user flies past various planets and stars, he/she will be receiving all the information about the celestial bodies at will with the help of gestures and voice commands. In fact, if the idea is implemented properly, it will allow the user to even land on the surface of any planet that he/she wishes to and explore the terrain. While this may not be very original, the potential is practically limitless.

Grab The Idol Hololens

Idea 3: Grab the Idol

This idea will turn the user into an adventurer like Tomb raider or Indiana Jones. The AR adaptation will be more like a game with puzzles to solve and traps to avoid, all for the sake of finding treasure items. In fact, the game will change and adjust itself if you move to a different room, as the environment morphs once again into a new level with new threats and riddles.

Although we cannot deny that all of them sound fantastic and we would love it if all three could be done at the same time, you must vote for any one of them as of now.

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