HoloLens experience : 3 amazing demos that would leave you wanting more

Microsoft announced about the HoloLens at a Windows 10 event in beginning of 2015. They simply said that it would be a holographic head-gear that will have a capability to bring virtual reality into the real world. It has finally come out really well and exceeded expectations in some of the cases. But it is quite evident that that Microsoft has not yet completely figured out the future direction and application of this technology. It has eventually come to other developers and companies to figure out what needs to be done with this tech.

When someone will wear the HoloLens for the first time, the experience might actually disappoint the wearer. But that feeling fades away very soon and Microsoft’s headset will impose a digital transparent display right in the middle of the vision. Users can see where the display will end, and holographically rendered images disappear once they move beyond these boundary.

Microsoft currently has three demos to show off: a video game, an app for creating 3D objects and a presentation related to advertising. All of these demos have been crafted by Microsoft’s team to showcase the power of this device.

Project X-Ray

This is the game which is centered around fighting robotic invasion. By wearing HoloLens on head and an having Xbox controller in hands, users can play the game. It has splendid 3D audio and a tiny orange arrow to point the gamer in right direction. But, a larger display is mostly required, if Microsoft is serious about getting major video-game studios onboard.

Advertisement Project

In this presentation, swiftly a circle of light appears and rises up from below, finally converts into a fancy wristwatch. Later on the watch is enlarged to display each individual part. Looking at a specific unit displays extra information, and in the background HoloLens records data on where people look the most. This technology is called ‘gaze data’ by Microsoft.


This project helps users create 3D objects to print and share online. It is indeed quite interesting to try out various design tools.



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