HoloLens battery life will be reduced to half under “heavy” usage

While there is very less time left for Microsoft’s augmented reality headset HoloLens to reach to developers, the Redmond based company has been mum about the hardware and software specifications. But, during a presentation posted on YouTube (now deleted), Microsoft’s Technical Evangelist Bruce Harris unveiled a few chunks of info about the headset, including a moderate battery life of approximately five hours.

That five hours span is applicable, if the user works only on Word documents or e-mail. The same battery would last only for 2.5 hours if it is used rigorously — which most probably refers to the gaming and 3D applications Microsoft has been using for the purpose of demo. It can be disappointment for those who were expecting elongated gaming sessions.

There is no word on the functionality of charging HoloLens while using it, but as per Harris there won’t be any option to have a wired connection (which seems like a reference to data transfer). He also confirmed that any device that has Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, can get connected to HoloLens, and it’ll also support any universal Windows 10 app. In order to have a shared usage, there will be option to connect the headset via the internet or the local network.

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