HoloLen Now Teleports Users To Mars, Virtually

The creator of HoloLens, Alex Kipman, took to the stage at TED Vancouver to show off the latest features of Microsoft’s augmented reality technology recently. In fact, all attendees in the audience were also supplied with HoloLens VR equipment to see what the presenter was seeing virtually so they did not just have to listen to the presentation and imagine it.


During the talk, NASA scientist Jeff Morris was conveniently “teleported” on to the TED stage without needing to actually travel.

The Redmond company has announced that developers will be able to pick up a developer unit of HoloLens for the tidy sum of $3,000 beginning in the spring.

During the presentation, Mr Kipman suggested that artificial reality would replace existing laptops, smartphones and other devices that are in use today. He also suggested that machines are now becoming smart enough to understand and interact with humans in a real way. In the future, he sees the digital world and the real world becoming essentially one thing as people continue to use digital access as an extension of their life.

Interestingly, the inventor said that HoloLens VR is not intended to be a gaming system, but a way to connect humans together in a meaningful way. However, consumers using the HoloLens VR system seems a good ways off with the main application being business use presently.



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