Google turns off the lights on Glass’ social media account

Google decided to remove all the social-media properties of the Google Glass project last weekend. It stopped the sales of the $1,500 smart device in January 2015. Right now the buyers of this product only have a support page with a phone number and email address.

The Google Glass community, was primarily driven by the Glass Explorer group present in Google Plus. This is the page on which various videos were uploaded showing Google employees bouncing on trampolines wearing Glass and models displaying the specifications at New York Fashion Week. That page is still intact, but there is no content.

Facebook and Twitter accounts of the Glass have been removed completely. Although Glass enthusiasts were merely early adopters of a new technology, various problems araised because of these users. The major issue of this device sporting a camera was related to privacy, with raised eyebrows when people became concerned about possible usage in hacking, secret photography and video recording. In order to avoid piracy, this device was also banned in many movie theatres.

Glass wearers have been at the receiving end of many jokes owing to its awkward design, but it doesn’t mean that the story of Google Glasses will end here. The California based company seems to have given up the name, but it has kept the idea and concept alive. They are supposedly working on a new variant of the face-mounted technology, whose prototype images emerged last year in December.

This product has been rechristened to Project Aura and the design, development are done from the scratch. Tony Fadell has become the captain the ship and after his contribution to Apple iPod and Nest’s thermostat, he would be responsible to make this product lovable.


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