Google Heat Map Doesn’t Reveal Much about the VR Audience Except Head Turning Patterns!


By employing complex and impressive heat mapping techniques, YouTube has come up with some pretty simplistic and straightforward advice for virtual reality content creators. Apparently, the general VR audience doesn’t like moving their heads around too much so the basic advice at this point of time is to create content which puts the most interesting bits right in front of the audience. That’s pretty much it! If you are in any doubt regarding what was actually said, check out the official advice YouTube has for VR content creators below.

“Focus on what’s in front of you: The defining feature of a 360-degree video is that it allows you to freely look around in any direction, but surprisingly, people spent 75% of their time within the front 90 degrees of a video. So don’t forget to spend significant time on what’s in front of the viewer.”

Google goes on to further state that the video content itself must be of high quality, based on interesting material and should be done in an engaging manner for the VR audience to be interested in them. This basically means that the company is telling you to make better video content to engage users. While that makes sense, people were probably hoping for something less basic than that!

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