Google Glass versus Microsoft HoloLens

According to a recently published Juniper report, the market for smart glasses might be lifeless one now. But the report summarises that every one of us will be wearing a pair of specs that will be connected by 2020. These Glasses will not be of Google who has shown us the way but would be of Microsoft’s HoloLens that was launched at a windows 10 event in the beginning of 2015.

Report states that current market has gone 15 months backward since Google stopped producing the glasses due to criticism on privacy and Safety concerns which lead to legislative action. Post 2017 the market for Smart glasses will grow steep which will in turn lead to 12 million glasses to be bought by 2020 as per the Juniper report. The market is expected to be strengthen by 2017 since the vendors like Sony, Meta, ODG are making HoloLens to be generally available.

Juniper report states the basic difference between HoloLens and Google Glass is that HoloLens uses Indoor use cases whereas the Google glass uses the Outdoor use cases. The report concludes that Microsoft’s HoloLens will be overshadowed by the roll-out of Google glasses due to impinging on others privacy. Any ways we have to wait for long time to know the real picture.

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