Battery life of the Microsoft HoloLens may disappoint you

As business analysts had predicted earlier, the market for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) is growing every day. Now that most of the big and small names in the industry have a device in the market or is planning to launch one soon, the future of AR and VR has never looked brighter.

The HoloLens from Microsoft is one that stands out from the rest with its unique capability to augment the real world around the user with the virtual world of its own. Every time the AR headset was showcased to the public via a presentation, its popularity soared higher and at this moment, it is the most anticipated AR/VR headset of the near future.

In spite of its popularity, not much was known till recently about the HoloLens in terms of actual specs. Things changed a bit after a Microsoft evangelist event at Tel Aviv, Israel a few days back.  Among all the wonderful things that we got to know about the device like universal Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatibility, what disappointed us was the declared battery life. The HoloLens may last up to five and a half hours under normal usage, but when used for gaming, it will be hard to get it past the two and a half hours mark on a single charge. Considering the fact that gamers are its target consumer group right now, this can be considered a let down by some.

The $3000 developer’s edition will allow the user to experience all that it has to offer on a 15-inch virtual display, roughly two feet away from the eyes. The smaller display size may not be considered very immersive and the battery is once again responsible for that as it was reportedly done to extend battery life and save costs. Even though the HoloLens has amazing potentials, Microsoft will probably have to improve on a few things before the final product is released into the market. In the meanwhile, a more affordable Oculus Rift is already on sale via pre-order.

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