Alas, Google Glass Would Have Made An Excellent Interactive Lego Manual

Google Glass is no longer a project that Google is pursuing. Yet with this sad reality comes news that there was a very useful Google Glass app that had practical usefulness for kids and adults alike.

Zhuo Chen from Carnegie Mellon University, out of their School of Computer science, developed a Google Glass app that could instruct the user which piece of Lego to add next when creating a new Lego model creation.

The app is actually capable of loading in complex Lego model structures and then running the user through the process of building it with a box full of standard Lego pieces. This kind of app would have been a great way to let small children create large Lego constructions, when they wouldn’t have been able to figure it out themselves, and then feel a sense of pride when they complete it.

The Google Glass app was never part of the Google Play store. It was held internally within Carnegie Mellon University and was not released commercially. A YouTube video is available which shows the app being used to build a Lego model and how it functioned with Google Glass. A real shame that this wasn’t released into the market because kids really would have gotten a kick out of playing with the app.


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