Daqri Smart Helmet by Intel is super cool

It is quite possible that Intel is ahead of Microsoft when it comes to augmented reality devices.

The chip behemoth made use of its keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show to reveal the Daqri Smart Helmet, a hardhat produced by Daqri that utilizes Intel’s RealSense 3D camera to give a sense of augmented reality – technology that relays digital images onto the real world. Microsoft has created a lot of buzz in this arena with its AR device (HoloLens), which has been shown in a few demo sessions. Intel made it official on Tuesday that the Daqri Smart Helmet will ship from today.

Backed by Intel’s M7 chip and RealSense, Daqri’s helmet will get into coveted virtual and augmented reality market segment, which has potential to take the users to a new digital world or adjoin the existing one via an elegant head gear. It’s a domain that has enticed almost all of the elite tech companies, be it a phone manufacturer like Samsung, a tech mammoth like Microsoft or an Internet player like Google and Facebook.

Intel has started giving lot of stress on augmented reality. The company gave demo of a kind of X-ray vision by helping workers see through pipe that might have been damaged, which can be identified by the RealSense camera. The helmet also finds its use in providing workers digital directions in addition to what they are seeing while doing manual labor.

It’s also one of the primary examples Microsoft displayed with its own HoloLens device. While Microsoft plans to position the HoloLens for variety of purposes, starting from work to games and entertainment, the Daqri helmet will mostly be used in workplaces.

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